Protocol will be handled in general according to the FISU regulations. The OC has the intention of involving academic groups from University of Minho in the major protocol ceremonies and events.

General Remarks

Protocol is one of the elements in University Sports events that gives special solemn moments to the event and provides the participants and spectators with unforgettable memories. Final details will be agreed with the FISU Secretary General and/ or with the delegate of the FISU Executive Committee, CISCA Chair.
Among others, there are three very important moments, when protocol is fundamental: The Opening, Closing and the Medal Awarding Ceremonies.

We remind you that when the FISU anthem "Gaudeamus Igitur" is played the audience should stand up.

A specific Protocol guideline is delivered to the OC by the WUC Department.

Country Denominations

For the smooth running of the championship, the Organising Committee should use the countries denomination and abbreviations provided by FISU only (See protocol guidelines).
The order in which the FISU Member Associations and Non-Member Associations need to be presented at the occasion of the official ceremonies should be according to the FISU Protocol order. In case of doubt, the final decision is made by the CISCA Chair.
FISU authorises the Organising Committees to use the national language of the country to establish the list of participating countries to the event. In this case, the list will be established and submitted to the FISU WUC Department in the alphabetical order of the country’s language.
Regarding the official denomination of the participating countries, these can be found in the FISU Protocol guidelines.

Country Flags

The Organising Committee is responsible for providing country flags. These can be found in the FISU Protocol guidelines. Specific agreement exists for some countries where a particular flag is to be used. In these cases, the country may provide the Organising Committee with the specific flag. The FISU WUC Department will provide the OC with the appropriate information.
We also remind you of the necessity of having many sets of flags available, particularly for the medal awarding ceremonies where countries have the possibility of entering more than one competitor per country.
At the competition sites, the FISU flag and the OC flag will be hoisted outside the main entrance.

Inside the venues two groups of flags must be hung:

- The protocol flags;
- The flags of participating countries.

Usually five flags are hung in the most formal and central position of the arena. The flags are by protocol order:

- The FISU flag;
- The flag of the Organising Committee;
- The flag of the host country;
- The flag of the National University Sport Federation;
- The flag of the International Sport Federation of a specific sport.

All the flags of the countries taking part in a specific sport must be hung in all venues where the official competition takes place. The flags will appear in the FISU protocol order and the host country’s own flag will be hung last.

Medals and Diplomas

On the front of the medal, there is normally an artistic engraving with the event logo.

The FISU logo and the title appear on the back of the medal.

The average dimensions of the medals are 60 mm diameter with a thickness of 5 mm.

The Organising Committee will make a proposal to the FISU WUC Department which will transmit it to the members of the Executive Committee for approval.

The number of medals to be produced must be approved by the FISU WUC Department. In addition to the medals to be awarded, it should be kept in mind that one whole set must be sent to the FISU WUC Department after the Championship.

These medals will be awarded to the first three in the individual sports disciplines and to the first three team of each relay or team competition in the following manner:

- Third: medals in bronze;
- Second: medals in silver or silver-plated;
- First: medals in gold or gold-plated.

In the case of a reduced number of entries in the individual sports, the medals will be awarded by event as follows:

a) one medal in gold if there are three athletes or teams;
b) one medal in gold and one in silver will be awarded if there are five athletes or teams;
c) one medal in gold, one in silver and one in bronze will be awarded if there are more than six athletes or teams.

In the specific sports, in accordance with the rules of the International Sport Federation (ISF), two (2) bronze medals will be awarded.

The first eight (8) competitors or teams will receive a diploma of honour.

Irrespective of the above section, no medals will be offered to the members of a delegation that have not participated in a match or a discipline when it was expected that it would.

A limited number of medals will be awarded if the number of teams or competitors who take part is lower than the minimum required for the championship or discipline.

The particular rules of the procedure will be conform with the rules of the relevant International Sport Federation (ISF).

We draw your attention to the fact that the coaches are not awarded medals in individual sports.

Each participant will receive a participation diploma or medallion.

Protocol will be handled in general according to the EUSA-regulations. The OC has the intention of involving academic groups from University of Minho in the major protocol ceremonies and events.

Opening Ceremonies

The Opening Ceremony will be staged observing the following protocol:

  • Welcoming to the Opening Ceremony;

  • March pass of participating countries;

  • Playing of the National Anthem and hoisting of the flag of the host country;

  • Welcome speech of the OC representative;

  • Speech of the FISU representative;

  • Highest authority declares the WUC open;

  • Arrival of the FISU flag, hoisting of the Flag and playing of the FISU anthem;

  • Oath of athletes and judges;

  • Cultural programme.

Medal Awarding Ceremony
The Awarding Site

The FISU emblem must be placed on the podium and the FISU branding on the panel behind the podium. No publicity will appear on the podium or on the panel.

A delimited area in front of the podium must be reserved for the press, which must not interfere in the procedure of the ceremony and/or step inside the awarding area.

The area of the presentation ceremony must be kept clear so photographers may take portraits of athletes.

It is suggested that the awarding area is surrounded by a fence and nicely decorated with flowers or plants.

The flag poles must have different heights so as to mirror the second, first and third place of the podium.

Athletes, Authorities and Accompanying Persons

It is recommended to ensure that athletes and officials are well informed of the following:

The top three winners in each event must attend the Medal Awarding Ceremony.

In case one or two winners are unable to attend, the medals and bouquets are delivered to an official of the relevant delegation. The official must not mount the podium but walk in front of it and take the medal and bouquets in his/her hands.

In case all the winners cannot be present, the ceremony is postponed. Any decision will be agreed between FISU and the OC. The athletes are not allowed to take any national flag or any other national, cultural or religious symbol on the podium.

Winners are expected to attend the ceremony in the uniforms they wore at the Opening Ceremony. However, they are allowed to attend the official ceremony wearing sports uniforms when the ceremony takes place immediately after the competition.

Athletes are expected to take off caps when receiving the medal and keep it in hand throughout the ceremony (i.e. playing of the FISU Anthem and raising of the flags).

Athletes, authorities and accompanying persons are required to face the flags while they are being raised and the FISU anthem is being played.

Medallists have to remain at the disposal of the press after the Medal Awarding Ceremony.

An official photograph must be taken before the medal winners depart from the zone of the ceremony.

Diplomas of participation and of honour are not distributed to the winners at the Medal Awarding Ceremony.

They are handed to the Head of Delegation or an appointed representative of each delegation in the Athlete’s accommodations at a later time.

The FISU President will determine the rules for the protocol that are not clearly pointed out by the Regulations.

His/her representative may adapt the guidelines rules depending on specific situations.

Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony will respect the following protocol:

  • Playing of National Anthem of the host country;

  • March pass with the flags of participating countries;

  • Closing Speech of the OC representative;

  • Closing Announcement of the FISU representative;

  • FISU Anthem, lowering down of the FISU flag and passing over of the FISU flag to next host;

  • Presentation of the next WUC.