Medical Services

According to the required EUC medical assistance, the OC will provide permanent assistance to all participants in the event, with full time presence of medical doctors and physiotherapists.

Due to the fact that University of Minho has a Health and Sciences School with qualified and experienced staff, the OC will establish an agreement through close cooperation in order to assure good medical and first aid assistance during the event, including assistance at Braga hospital.

Doping Control

Doping control will be organized by the ADoP - Portuguese Antidoping Authority in accordance with FISU and WKF guidelines. The analysis of the doping samples will be conducted in a WADA accredited laboratory, Laboratório de Análises de Dopagem (LAD). The laboratory has a valid international accreditation under the NP EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard.

The selection process of athletes for testing shall be determined by FISU CM in collaboration with the appropriate authorities.

Athletes are eligible for testing once accredited until the athletes depart the official event accommodation.

A minimum of 11 doping controls will be made during the Championship. All gold-medal winners shall be tested.

The results of the tests will be sent directly to the International Medical Committee of FISU.