• Portuguese Government

    Concerning relations with tertiary educational and governmental authorities, the event will be endorsed by the Minister Of Science, Technology and Higher Education (MEC) and the Secretary of State of Youth and Sport (SEJD), respectively the highest educational and sports governing bodies in Portugal.

  • Braga City Mayor

    The Town Hall of Braga, though it’s Mayor, will officially recognize the occasion and the city’s dedication to success of the Championships through logistic support. Facilities, transportation and customary receptions will be handled in coordination the Organising Committee, bearing in mind the events international, national and local importance and needs.

  • Portuguese University Sports Federation

    The National University Karate Championship 2016 will be organized in Braga on 29th May 2016.

  • Portuguese Karate Federation

    Event officially supported by the Portuguese Karate Federation (FNK-P). Portuguese Karate Federation will cooperate with World Karate Federation and Technical Delegate in the nomination of referees for the event. WUC Karate will be included by FNK-P in the 2015/2016 national calendar.

  • Police, Customs, Security

    Master plan for all security issues will be developed, after receive the complete list of participants. Close cooperation was established between local police and University of Minho private security company to assure the normal running of the event. As in previous events, Portuguese authorities will recognise this competition and will cooperate very closely with the Organising Committee in order to facilitate customs formalities. The countries with visa procedures will be assisted by the OC in contacting Portuguese diplomatic representatives in the respective country in order to obtain detailed information and necessary visas. Athletes and other delegation members should then apply for an entry visa in order to allow entry into Portuguese territory.