Portuguese University Sport Federation (FADU Portugal)

The Portuguese University Sport Federation – FADU Portugal – is a multisport federation founded in March 2nd 1990, with Statute of Sports Public Utility, given by government, since 1995. It is a federation run by students, with the mission of organizing and promoting university sport in all its dimensions: sporting, educational and social.

It is member of the Olympic Committee of Portugal, Paralympic Committee of Portugal, Portuguese Sports Confederation and the National Youth Council. At international level FADU is also member of the world governing body FISU, since 1993 and was one of the founding members of EUSA in 1999.

FADU began its international participations at the 1991 Sheffield Universiade (Great Britain) and one year later it participated in the World University Handball Championships in Malaga (Spain). 1993 was a year of particular importance for FADU since it was officially recognized as a FISU member and took part in the Buffalo Universiade (USA). Since then, it has participated in every Summer Universiade. FADU has developed and grown into one of the largest national sport federations. At present, it is also responsible for national competitions in more than 45 sports involving over 9000 athletes and 500 teams, representing 106 clubs that compete annually for the 280 titles of National University Champion. It also supervises the National Finals stage and has organized and will organize a big number of international sporting events. Each year promote the Annual University Sports Gala.

FADU Portugal is the Most Active National University Sports Association in EUSA (European University Sports Association) since 2013.

In partnership with Portuguese higher education institutions and their student’s union, FADU organize:

In partnership with Portuguese higher education institutions and their student’s union, FADU organize:
  • At international level with FISU
  • 1996 WUC Cross Country (Açoteias)

  • 1998 WUC Futsal (Braga)

  • 2000 WUC Handball (Covilhã/Guarda)

  • 2004 FISU Forum (Lisbon)

  • 2008 WUC Badminton (Braga)

  • 2010 WUC Rugby 7 (Porto)

  • 2012 WUC Chess (Guimarães)

  • 2012 WUC Futsal (Braga)

  • 2014 WUC Beach-Volleyball (Porto)

  • 2014 WUC Handball (Guimarães)

  • 2016 WUC Floorball (Porto)

  • 2016 WUC Karate (Braga)

  • 2016 WUC Canoe Sprint (Montemor-o-Velho)

  • 2018 WUC Cycling (Braga)

  • 2018 WUC Korfball (Vila Real)

  • At european level with EUSA
  • 2001 EUC Basketball (Aveiro)

  • 2004 EUC Volleyball (Braga)

  • 2005 EUSA Symposium (Funchal, Madeira)

  • 2006 EUC Badminton (Lisbon)

  • 2006 EUC Basketball (Guimarães)

  • 2006 EUC Golf (Lagoa, Algarve)

  • 2009 EUC Taekwondo (Braga)

  • 2010 EUC Tennis (Coimbra)

  • 2011 EUC Table Tennis (Funchal, Madeira)

  • 2011 EUC Taekwondo (Braga)

  • 2013 EUSA General Assembly, Conference and Gala (Funchal, Madeira)

  • 2013 EUC Beach-Volleyball (Porto)

  • 2013 EUC Judo (Coimbra)

  • 2015 EUC Handball (Braga)

  • 2017 EUSA General Assembly and Conference (Coimbra)

  • 2017 EUC Football (Porto)

  • 2017 EUC Judo (Coimbra)

  • 2017 EUC Karate (Coimbra)

  • 2017 EUC Taekwondo (Coimbra)

  • 2018 EU Games (Coimbra)